New beginning ... Again!

To all the readers, This is (I believe) my 3rd attempt blogging. I had started a blog a few years ago, but kept it private from any of my close friends and family, because I was unsure how they would react, I wasn't confident about what I was doing, and most importantly English being my second language, there's always that fear of something not sounding right or making sense. So once again I got bored and busy with life, and so I gave up. The second attempt was a few months ago, I just wanted to make money blogging to help me with all my financial difficulties but had 0 knowledge about blogging, so I started a blog with WordPress, to then find out that they do not support affiliate links and advertisements on the free version blog, once again I just let it be and stopped devoting time towards that blog. Few weeks went by and as I was watching marathons of the famous TLC series: Poor Bride, Rich Bride, I knew I would love to throw weddings for the rest of my life. I know..